Skill Development without the guesswork

e-MUG’s upskilling programs are designed to provide people with the knowledge they need to progress their careers – whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, we’ve got something for everyone.


A variety of options to suit your needs

Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term programs, EMUG has a solution that will help you take your career in the right direction!


e-MUG is India’s leading upskilling and skill development company with over 10,000+ trained professionals.

e-MUG offers a career progression policy that ensures everyone, regardless of their past experience, has a chance to grow. Our Employee Friendly Policy ensures that you don’t need to worry about what you can or cannot do at e-MUG.

Upgrading skills and careers

e-MUG specializes in providing the right upskilling and skill development program for its employees — whether they are looking to change careers or simply want to upgrade their skills. We have partnered with industry players and support this program

Opportunity for everyone

We believe that anyone has the potential to develop into an e-MUG employee — that’s why we offer our Career Growth Program for those who want an opportunity for a promising career at e-MUG. You’ll get an opportunity to learn from industry experts, access our latest cutting-edge technologies, and be mentored by experienced professionals.

Leading the way to a better future

We work with experts from different industries to create career progression policies and offer skills development programs for employees.

Training for the Future

e-MUG specialises in futuristic skills that are in demand and offers training workshops, assessment, and certification.

Opportunity for everyone

Career progression is a key driver of happiness at work. That’s why e-MUG offers a policy that ensures you’re never stuck in one role, no matter how good you are at it. We also offer reward bonuses on top of regular salaries, to keep your motivation high!

Empowering millennials

e-MUG is all about empowering millennials with the skills they need to shape their own future. And by offering relevant and futuristic courses, we’re ensuring that our students are always well-equipped and up-to-date with the latest trends.