Passion to be a Part of the Future

Being part of the future is promising and exciting let it be Electrification, Embedded Software and Autonomous in Transportation sector or Industrial IOT, we are stepping our services in offering to meet the future requirement.

EMUG is a company that is passionately committed to changing the future of this world. We are a group of highly talented people who work together to invent, innovate and create solutions for some of the world’s most challenging issues. Whether your need is designing a new aircraft or any other machinery, or you are looking for a custom mechanical design – E-MUG has the expertise to help you realize your vision


A few years ago, we started our journey with the sole intention to be part of the future. And now, we have become a part of it by providing solutions for some of the world’s most challenging issues. Our team are part of the global OEM working in Electrification, Safety, Autonomous etc. our team are also working using Composites, Carbon and New Materials to meet the future technologies.

Progress, not perfection

At EMUG, we believe in taking things one step at a time. We are proud of what we’ve built so far and are always looking forward to improving even more services for the future. Our services and solutions are dedicated to make this world better and more sustainable. Our team is working tirelessly to create innovative solutions that will make life easier and better for generations to come.