Our Journey

Founded in 2001, e-MUG Engineering Services Pvt Ltd has been providing end-to-end design and engineering services to clients across multiple industries for over two decades. Our team of over 200 full-time engineers is located across offices in India, the UK, Sweden, and China, enabling us to offer best-in-class solutions to customers worldwide.

Throughout our history, we have remained committed to delivering high-quality services at the right price, with the right response time, and with the right service. Our expertise spans across multiple industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Industrial, Consumer Appliance, and Medical segments.


Company Established

  • Started with Staffing and Training Projects.
  • First Year Resource -8 Nos.
  • Number of Customers -2 Nos.
  • Started working on Projects from Indian customers

Project Based

  • Resource Strength increased to 25
  • Number of Customers: 8 
  • Legacy Conversion projects for B/E aerospace


  • Setup B/E DEDC
  • Separate Infrastructure with 50 seating capacity
  • 1st Year Growth to 30 Engineers
  • Supported Automotive Suppliers


  • Steady Growth on Resources – 80 Engineers
  • Facility Expansion – 100 seater.
  • Handling of End to End programs
  • Won Customers in Automotive and Oil & Gas Segments

B/E Transfer

  • Transfer Process Completed
  • Infrastructure, Resource everything transferred
  • Handholding until 6 months time
  • Supporting with resources on contract basis.
  • Added few customers in Off-Highway segment


  • Reinforcement of Team
  • Diversification into other areas
  • New DEDC Customer Acquisitions
  • Regrowth of Resources-150 Engineers


  • Started to work on IDC model with AF.
  • Established Relation with FCA.
  • Started Supporting Terex Trucks in Scotland.
  • UK Office Established

China Subsidiary and DEDC

  • China Subsidiary Established
  • Started Engagement with Chinese Auto OEM for End to End Development
  • Established DEDC for Global Aerospace Galleys MFG. 
  • Embedded System Support

Sweden Subsidiary

  • Established Sweden Subsidiary
  • Supported Onsite in Sweden for Volvo, Volvo AB
  • BIW Fixture DEDC for French Supplier.
  • Industrial Automation Support Kick-Start

Japanese Subsidiary

  • IT and Cybersecurity projects
  • Android – Automotive Infotainment Projects Kicked-off
  • Oil and Gas OEM – ODC Support

Some of our major milestones and events include:

    • In 2001, e-MUG Engineering Services Pvt Ltd was founded in Hyderabad, India, to provide design and engineering services to clients.​
    • In 2005, we expanded our services to include Embedded Software Services and Industrial Automation.​
    • In 2010, we opened an offshore design center to help clients address their capacity constraints and improve time-to-market.​
    • In 2015, we opened offices in the UK and Sweden, further expanding our global footprint.​
    • In 2021, we established a presence in China, enabling us to serve customers in this growing market.​

    Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has helped us build strong relationships with clients across the globe, and we look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions to meet their evolving needs in the years to come.​

    • In 2022, we are looking to explore the opportunities of establishing a Japanese Subsidiary an supporting the customers in Japan.​